Home Automation Ideas for Parents

Parenting can be all-consuming and home automation can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying to do everything at once while managing your kids. Here are some home automation ideas for parents of all ages of kids.

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May 31

Home Automation with Pets in the Family

Setting up your home automation when you have pets can be both fun and a little frustrating at times. You can create several different automations to help your pets get what they need without interrupting you quite so much. Here are some ideas for both the fun and the challenges of home automation with pets.
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May 24

Building a Z-Wave Mesh Network

Choosing devices to connect with your Home Automation Hub can be a challenge. The Z-Wave networking protocol creates a reliable Z-Wave Mesh Network that functions well. Here are some pointers on how to set that up.
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May 18

10 Ways to Use Text to Speech in Your Home Automation

Using Text to Speech (TTS) in home automation can offer some real benefits to creating a more relaxed environment that doesn’t have just doorbells, sirens, and alert sounds as options.  Let’s take a look at some examples of using Text to Speech in your home.
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May 10

Elevate Your Mother’s Day This Year

Celebrate Mother's Day this year by giving her a thoughtful, customized gift: the gift of home automation just for her. The best gifts show you care because they are tailor-made  and make life better every day–such: the gift of home automation can do just that.
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Apr 27

Announcing Hubitat Elevation Update Now Available

Announcing new capabilities for your Hubitat Elevation! Update your hub and get: support for #IFTTT; a new dashboard; capability for more notifications to mobile; an Alexa wizard App; support for Lutron RA2 Select, and several App enhancements for notifications and lighting switches.
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Apr 09