Hubitat Elevation Update Announcement

Hubitat Elevation now has added capabilities, device support, and other enhancements. You can update your hub by clicking “Update Hub” in Settings. Watch our video for a walkthrough of this process:

Play 'Update Hub' Video

Hubitat Elevation updates are initiated by you so that you preserve your local automation independence. We recommend that you occasionally check for updates. We also recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the settings page: ‘Backup and Restore’. You can do this at your convenience; we don’t push updates onto your platform.

Here is a summary of changes from

  1. We now have support for IFTTT. Now that you have everything running locally, there might be cloud devices you want to connect. You can do that using our IFTTT channel.  
  2. A Hubitat Dashboard is now available. You can see all your devices and their status in one place.
  3. We’ve added a built-in driver for Pushover which supports notifications to mobile devices.
  4. A new Hubitat Elevation App is available: Hubitat Alexa App. This is a wizard for you to create groups of devices as a virtual device for Alexa to use.
  5. Lutron RA2 Select device support is now available. Designed to enable connection for existing Lutron RA2 Select hub systems and the hub’s associated devices, up to 100.
  6. For folks that have newer Z-Wave switches and dimmers, there are two new drivers that you may want to try: Generic Z-Wave smart switch and Generic Z-Wave smart dimmer.
  7. We’ve also added several App enhancements:
    1. Hubitat Safety Monitor:
      • Color lights for notifications — you can select the color.
      • Separate notifications for Armed-Away and Armed-Home to replace the single set of notifications for both.
      • Added a notification device, for example for Pushover
    1. Simple Lighting: Added a disable switch in Restrictions
    2. Motion Lighting: Added Activate On Switches in On Options

Enjoy these additions to the Hubitat Elevation platform! We’ll be continuing to add more capabilities in the future.

Read about the bug fixes in this udpate at  You can find more information about updates, questions, and devices in our community at

Apr 09