Habitat Elevation Update 1.0.8 with TTS

Hubitat Elevation now has added capabilities like Text to Speech (TTS), additional device support, and other enhancements. You can update your hub by clicking “Update Hub” in Settings. Watch our video for a walkthrough of this process:


Play 'Update Hub' Video


Hubitat Elevation updates are initiated by you so that you preserve your local automation independence. We recommend that you occasionally check for updates. We also recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the settings page: ‘Backup and Restore’. You can do this at your convenience; we don’t push updates onto your platform.

Here is a summary of changes from 1.0.7

  1. We now have support for Text to Speech (TTS). Think of this as audible notifications with all types of applications in your house. Phrases can be up to 128 characters long. TTS on Hubitat only requires an internet connection for the initial setup of the audio file, after that the entire TTS is done locally for instant playback to music players. Hubitat currently has one voice option—many more are coming shortly!
  2. We added Async HTTP Methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) So that it is now possible to use Async HTTP methods in apps and drivers - this can make the Hubitat hub operate faster.
  3. Hubitat Elevation now has new functions for automation sequences:
    • Added timeOfDayIsBetween() function
    • Added timeTodayAfter() function
    • Updated timeToday() to return today's date if passed a null value
    • Improvements to App State storage during App execution
    • Added Google Map for finer control of location position
  1. Hubitat Elevation now has colorMode for Hue Bridge devices
  2. Some Hubitat Dashboard enhancements:
    • Dashboard fix for multiple button tiles sending assigned button number
    • Dashboard fix for level 0
  1. Support for additional devices has been added in this update:
    • Added Generic Z-Wave Thermostat Driver
    • Added Dome Motion Sensor
    • Added Aeotec NanoMote
    • Added HomeSeer WD-200 Dimmer With LED Control
  1. Lutron Integration advanced configuration improved to use textarea in app setup instead of driver source (Alternative Lutron Integration Setup Method 8); minor bug fixes including dimmer flash
  2. HSM status now includes allDisarmed; added shock sensors (glass break) to intrusion alerts; minor bug fixes including durations for Custom rule
  3. Removed implicit master/slave functionality from Groups
  4. We added toggle with button to Motion Lighting

Enjoy these additions to the Hubitat Elevation platform! We’ll be continuing to add more capabilities in the future.

Read about the bug fixes in this update at Hubitat Elevation Community Announcement for Update 1.0.8. You can find more information about updates, questions, and devices in our community at community.Hubitat.com, open to all.

Have you missed our other recent updates?? We have also added Sonos integration, our own Hubitat Dashboard, Alexa app for Groups support, and much more. Check out all the recent update notes  in Hubitat Community Announcements, which is open for anyone to participate.
May 08