Home automation projects typically are focused on security, safety, efficiency, and comfort. Here are some creative ideas from our own staff to get you started with a few home automation projects – in each of those categories and also just for fun.

Safety and Security: Front Porch Lights

Triggered by presence and the front door contact sensor; the porch lights come on every day at 20 minutes before sunset and stay on until 9pm. Between the hours of 9pm and 20 minutes after sunrise, the lights will come on and stay on for 10 minutes whenever a family member arrives at home OR whenever the front door is opened. Anyone coming home at night always has a well-lit front lawn, and anyone leaving the house will have lights to safely guide their way.

At bedtime, you may want to make sure that all the exterior doors of the house are locked. This can be part of your ‘Goodnight mode’ and you can be alerted when any door is not locked at bedtime.

Efficiency and Comfort: In-Home Climate Control

Turning on the great room ceiling fan triggers the thermostat to turn off the a/c to circulate just fresh air through the vents. To close the house, just turn off the fan. This re-sets the thermostats and sends a text to your phone that lists all of the windows that are still open and need to be closed, thus maximizing the a/c efficiency.

You can also branch out beyond these commonly anticipated areas of home automation, and get extremely creative!  Try on some of these ideas that the Hubitat staff has come up with and implemented:

Home Automation Ideas for Parenting

  • Vehicle presence sensors announce the arrival of teen drivers when they get home, just so the parents know.
  • When the dishwasher or washer/dryer finishes its cycle, a notification is sent to your teenager’s phone that the machine should be emptied, signaling that chore-time has officially begun.
  • If the machine door isn't opened within 10 minutes of her arrival on school days between 2 and 4 pm, parents get a notification.  


  • All the shades in the house open at sunrise and close at sunset; the shades on the south side of the house will close when the light level in the kitchen gets above a certain lux threshold.
  • A Neeo remote sends its events to Hubitat. When ‘Music’ is selected, the remote fires up the audio system, then Hubitat turns on both Nanoleaf LED panels in the living room, as well as selects play on the living room Chromecast audio device.
  • Lighting in the master bathroom is triggered with a contact sensor on the door.  During sleep hours, a bluish hue simulates moonlight and the lighting level is set to 15% so that the lighting is not a stark shock in the middle of the night.

Automation for the Mode You're In

  • Selecting ‘watch movie’ on the Neeo remote turns off all the main lights, turns on a few accent Hue bulbs, and closes the living room blinds, if they are still open.
  • ‘Goodnight’ mode also checks that the garage door is closed and if it is not, Hubitat will send an alert to your phone with an option to close the garage door remotely.

At Hubitat, we believe that home automation empowers you to elevate your home. You can have a lot of fun getting creative with your home automations. These are some of our ideas for creative home automation projects. Any or all of the above automations can be programmed to run together and complement each other based on the time of day the selected triggers. ALL of the above automations are accomplished using off the shelf hardware, system drivers, and Hubitat Elevation Rule Machine™. There is no need to write custom code.

Share your home automation ideas with us by commenting on this blog. We’ll feature some of the most creative ideas on our website. Subscribe to our mailing list on our home page for more insights over time.

Mar 16