The Gift of Home Automation

What do moms want for Mother’s Day this year? A week-long trip to Fiji, where they can sip fruity drinks and be pampered by a muscular masseuse named Marco, obviously.

But if that’s not possible, a thoughtful gift is also nice. The best gifts show you care because they are tailor-made with her in mind and make her life better every day–such as the gift of home automation.

All thoughtful, custom gifts require some planning, and home automation is no different. While setting up an automated home with Hubitat Elevation is not a difficult task, it will take some time.

The Gift of Home Automation

You’ll want to order your Hubitat Elevation today to ensure you have it by next weekend and can get your automations set up before Mother’s Day. Plan to get Mom out of the house for an afternoon next weekend, and you should have time to work your magic.

For a taste of what setting up a Hubitat Elevation entails, take a look at 7 Steps to Getting Started with Hubitat Elevation.

So how can the mom in your life benefit from an automated home? Here are some examples of home automations you can set up to make her love her home (and you!) even more.

Wake up Routine

Set a custom wake up routine for Mom using Rule Machine. Imagine how happy Mom will be when she wakes up to the curtains automatically rising to allow just the right amount of sun in the morning. The lights go on automatically when she enters the bathroom. And her morning coffee is ready by the time she reaches the kitchen.

Set the Mode

Make sure you take time to set the modes in your elevated home. This is the foundation for some very handy automations. One example: Mom probably doesn’t want lights blasting her eyeballs if she needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. With a Goodnight Mode setting and a few smart bulbs, you can use Hubitat Simple Lighting to automatically turn the lights on at a very dim level to make it easy on the eyes in the wee hours of the morning. When the same motion sensor is triggered during Day Mode, those same lights will automatically come on at a brighter setting of her choosing. 

Relaxation Automation

Using Rule Machine and Amazon Echo, you can create a special relaxing bath automation that any mom can enjoy. Once she fills the tub, she can just say “Alexa, turn on bath time,” and the lights will dim, relaxing music will turn on. You can even automate Hubitat Elevation to send push notifications to everyone in the family that mom is relaxing and should not be disturbed.

Peace of Mind

Every parent wants to know their family is safe. Using the Hubitat Safety Monitor App you can automate contact sensors on your doors and windows to trigger alarms or send alerts to your phone when they are opened. These triggers can be set based on modes or who is home and, of course, can be delayed by several seconds to give Mom a chance to cancel the alarm if she’s walking about the house. You can also set triggers and alarms for water leaks, smoke, CO2 and other potential home hazards to give Mom peace of mind when she’s not at home.

Put those Kids to Work

Does Mom have to constantly remind the kids to do their chores? Program your Hubitat Elevation to do the nagging for her. When the dishwasher or washer/dryer finishes its cycle, a notification is sent to your teenager’s phone that the machine needs to be emptied. If the machine door isn't opened within 10 minutes of her arrival on school days between 2 and 4 pm, parents get a notification. Vehicle presence sensors can trigger chore reminders when the kids get home and send Mom a notification that your teen drivers got home safely.

Mom's Dashboard

Give Mom Control

When Mom wants to turn off the light that you left on in the basement, now she can do it from the comfort of her couch with an elegant dashboard. Using the Dashboard App in your Hubitat Elevation, you can create a Customized dashboard for mom with just the lights and devices she wants to monitor or control. Add personalized flair by using her favorite colors or uploading the background image of her choice.

Once you get the hang of the included apps with your Hubitat Elevation, there’s no limit to the automations you can create to make Mom’s life easier. Remember, Mother’s Day is only two weeks away so you’ll need to order your hub soon to have it up and running by her special day.

Or, if you can spring it, send her to Fiji. She’ll like that too.
Apr 27