10 Device Types You Need for Home Automation

Home automation projects are becoming the go-to weekend project for households wanting to control heating costs, cut back on water usage, monitor their security more closely, or just enjoy the convenience automating their everyday devices.

At Hubitat, we’re exploring all kinds of ways of automating home life: lighting automation, security, safety, and other creative ideas. We’d love to hear yours!

Here are 10 types of home automation devices that we feel offer the most benefit – and fun – for your weekend project:

  1. Thermostat – gone are the days when you could only adjust your thermostat by hand.  Smart thermostats can help you save money by customizing your heat or cooling based on your actual activities.
  1. Security System – whether you live in a house in the country, a suburban neighborhood, or an apartment in the city, there’s a security system for you. And getting notifications about what’s going on at your home when you’re not there as well as automating your security, will help make the best use of the money you invested in this to begin with.
  1. Safetyautomating safety in your home can involve smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, light sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, or more. You can set up all kinds of home automation to:
    • Let you know if the temperature is getting too high or too low in your home or in a room with a sick family member.
    • Tell you if you’re getting water flooding because your washing machine hose broke or the rain came in.
    • Alert you about the sun coming in too brightly for those expensive orchids you have in your living room.
  1. Lighting and Light Bulbs – you can set your lights to automatically come on at a dimmed setting when it’s nighttime so they aren’t too bright when you’re up and about in the dark. And then when it’s daylight, you can make sure they come on at full strength. Automating your lighting can be accomplished with sensors, switches, and smart light bulbs -- or by combining all three.
  1. Music – imagine relaxing music coming on when you arrive home from work – just as you step in the door. Or perhaps you want to set up energizing music to start when you walk into your home office first thing in the morning. Automating your speaker system allows you to customize what music you hear in which room as well as what time of day and type of music.
  1. Voice Control – maybe you already have one of the voice control devices available from Amazon, Google, or Apple. You can add this to your entire integrated home automation system. See how you can add Amazon’s Echo to your Hubitat Elevation.
  1. Door Locks – are there times you have lots of packages to carry and managing the process of getting your keys out at the same time as juggling the packages can be too much? You can automate your door lock to make this easier for yourself. And you can ensure that your doors are all locked when you close your home down for the night.
  1. Doorbells – sometimes getting to the door to answer it just takes a long time. You can set up a smart video doorbell to automatically let you know who’s at the door and whether you need to go to the trouble of coming downstairs to answer it.
  1. Garage Doors – never have your garage door accidentally open again. How many times have you worried about whether you left it open when you left? Or left it open after arriving home and rushing into the house for something?  A smart garage door opener could be used to trigger your lights to come on when your garage door opens?
  1. Switches and Plugs/Outlets – set up any appliance to start automatically, or shut off automatically. This is an easy way to have regular lamps in your home turn off and on automatically when you’re on vacation. And using smart switches and plugs gives you another option of using your ‘dumb’ devices while you slowly switch over to smart ones.

    We recommend picking the one project that’s going to give you the most enjoyment to have completed. Don’t pick the hardest one to do first… that’s just a recipe for frustration. Which one will get you jazzed about doing something else? Which one will make you feel great and have your family, roommates, and friends asking about it? Pick that one. Then let us know about it – upload a photo or video to our Facebook page! We’d love to feature it.

    Hubitat Elevation already supports a variety of devices, so check the Hubitat Elevation Compatible Devices List first.

    Apr 06