Iris Migration Q&A Document

On the official Iris website, Lowe’s tells customers that it will be shutting down the Iris smart home platform and related services on Sunday, March 31, 2019. Below is an introduction of Hubitat Elevation for Iris customers.

What is Hubitat Elevation?

Hubitat Elevation is a home automation platform that combines the advantages of local processing with the power of cloud IoT connectivity to control, monitor and personalize home automation devices. Hubitat’s innovative technology delivers unparalleled reliability, faster automations and data privacy.

Hubitat Elevation features built-in apps and rule-making capabilities via Rule Machine® that give users the power and flexibility to create and control automated scenes personalized for themselves and their family, delivering the ultimate smart home experience.

Why should I migrate to Hubitat Elevation?

Unlike competitive cloud-dependent hubs, Hubitat Elevation processes automations locally and does not rely on cloud connectivity for all automations, making Hubitat Elevation a viable solution that you can trust will work today and indefinitely, while eliminating the worry of future hub migration or service abandonment due to a company or service shutdown.

What products are compatible with Hubitat Elevation?

The Hubitat Elevation platform is compatible with standard smart home protocols and provides support for Zigbee, Z-Wave, Lutron®, LAN and cloud-connected home automation devices via ethernet including Amazon Echo, Google Home, Hue Bridge, Sonos and more. The full list of compatible devices can be found HERE.

What Iris products are compatible with Hubitat Elevation?

First, second and third-generation Iris Zigbee devices are compatible with Hubitat Elevation directly out of the box (v2.0.8+ Hubitat software version). Other Iris branded device may work with Hubitat Elevation. The full list of compatible devices can be found HERE.  

    I understand that first-generation Iris devices are proprietary and cannot be used with other home automation platforms. Can I use my first-generation Iris devices with Hubitat Elevation?

    Until now, the original, first-generation Iris devices have been proprietary and were only compatible with the Iris platform. Hubitat announced its Hubitat Elevation home automation platform now supports Iris first-generation devices, along with other Iris Zigbee devices.  

    How do I transfer my devices to the Hubitat Elevation platform?

    Before transferring devices and pairing with Hubitat Elevation, each device will need to be reset per the manufacturer's instructions. It is recommended that you reset devices before migrating to Hubitat Elevation. You can find further instructions on resetting your specific Iris devices HERE.

    Once your devices are reset and you have registered/setup Hubitat Elevation, simply follow the discover devices instructions to add your Zigbee, Z-Wave or Iris devices.

    How many devices does Hubitat Elevation allow to be connected to the hub?

    There is not a preset limit of devices as it depends on the complexity of the devices, type of device and how active they are. Zigbee and Z-Wave networks have specific limitations and considerations to keep in mind when building out the mesh network.

    What is Hubitat’s programming language and can users install their own Apps and/or drivers?

    You do not need to know how to code.  The built in Apps and Drivers will do nearly everything you need to Elevate Your Environment.  Hubitat Elevation also serves as an open developer platform in which community developers can write and customize their own code in Groovy. Developers can create apps, integrations and drivers as well as remotely access the apps through cloud and local OAUTH2A endpoints. Community shared apps and drivers are available on the Hubitat Community.

    What are Hubitat’s online resources?

    Hubitat’s online resources provide users with a knowledge base, video tutorials and full access to a smart, innovative community where support and best practices are just a click away.

    Does Hubitat Elevation have a mobile app?

    Yes, Hubitat Elevation offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

    How much does Hubitat Elevation cost and where can it be purchased?

    The suggested retail price for Hubitat Elevation is $149.95 and can be purchased from

    Where can I find additional information on compatibility with Iris?

    For additional information regarding migrating from Iris to Hubitat Elevation, please feel free to browse the following Iris-related community discussions: