Experience home automation that is

reliable fast private local

Introducing Hubitat Elevation

Home automation on your terms

Hubitat Elevation is an edge computing platform that works with your smart home automation devices. Hubitat is a local solution, not cloud-dependent, so it’s reliable, fast and private.
Finally, a better solution. Elevate Your Environment

Elevate Your Environment


Your devices work, on your terms, even when the Internet doesn’t.


No cloud, no latency, no delay. No waiting for your device to turn on.


Keep local control of your device data., (not stored in the cloud)

Automate any Device

You’re in control; you’re limited only by your imagination.


Alexa, Google Assistant, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Lutron, LAN and cloud-connected devices.

Ongoing Support

Learn from, share with the Hubitat Community.

Mobile Access

Use Hubitat Dashboard to remotely control your devices.

How it Works

1. Register with Hubitat

Connect USB to Hub, and Hub to Router

2. Connect Devices

Pair then name your devices

3. Automate

Create rules for the way you want them to work

4. Relax

Enjoy the elevation of your automated home

   Take a look under the hood!


Introductory Price


(*US only for a limited time)

Your Hubitat Elevation purchase of $99.95 includes the Hub itself plus:

  • Access the private Hubitat Community & Support
  • Hubitat Knowledge Base
  • Interaction with our Developers
  • Insight into future Product Plans
  • Regular Software Releases
  • Community-developed Tools (device drivers and best practices)

For a limited time, you pay only $99.95 for your Elevation Hub

Elevate Your Environment

Interested in engaging with like-minded early adopters? For a limited time, you pay only $99.95 for your Elevation Hub

Buy Now!
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