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The Matter Promise: Simplifying Smart Homes

Step into the future of smart homes with Hubitat, where the Matter protocol transforms connectivity into a seamless, reliable, and user-friendly experience. Described as “the foundation for connected things,” Matter is more than just a protocol; it's a commitment to simplicity, interoperability, and innovation.

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Compatible with Major Platforms

Matter devices you have already added to a controller such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Assistant can be easily added to Hubitat as well thanks to the “multi-admin” feature of Matter. This allows Matter devices to be paired to multiple controllers simultaneously. You can control and monitor these devices in the Google Home app, Apple Home app, Alexa, or other Matter-capable smart home platforms, along with Hubitat – all at the same time.

Consistent and Responsive Local Connectivity

Count on Hubitat's smart home hub, supporting Matter, for reliable local connectivity. No more frustrating delays or unreliable connections – just consistent and responsive performance across your smart home devices.


Features That Matter

Interoperability Across Brands

Break free from brand restrictions. Matter allows devices from various brands to work together effortlessly. Hubitat's smart home hub, compatible with Matter, is a central hub where different devices like smart plugs and locks can converge to create a unified smart home, regardless of manufacturer.

Streamlined Development for Manufacturers

For manufacturers, Matter is a game-changer. Matter simplifies development by unifying smart home devices through Internet Protocol (IP). Hubitat's commitment to Matter means manufacturers can focus on creating innovative products without being bogged down by compatibility issues.

Unlocking Potential Across Device Types

Developers, rejoice! Matter is a unifying, IP-based connectivity protocol built on proven technologies. Hubitat's smart home hub allows you to connect and build reliable, secure IoT ecosystems, focusing on developing innovative products and accelerating paths to market.

Open Source Collaboration for Accelerated Innovation

Hubitat is part of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, embracing an open approach to development. We accelerate innovation by leveraging contributions from industry leaders like Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Connectivity Standards Alliance. This collaboration ensures you benefit from the latest and best technologies seamlessly integrated into Matter-enabled devices.

Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.


Broadening Smart Home Categories for Retailers

For retailers, Matter is a game-changer. It simplifies purchasing, expands the smart home category, and lowers operational costs. Hubitat's commitment to Matter ensures retailers can offer a broader range of smart home devices, driving category growth and providing customers with more choices.

Join the Hubitat Revolution Today!

Experience the future of smart home control with Matter. Unlock a world of possibilities, from creating custom Dashboards to managing devices precisely. Join the Hubitat revolution and take control of your smart home in a way that suits your lifestyle.

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