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Total Control, Anytime, Anywhere

Welcome to a new era of smart home management. With the Hubitat Elevation Mobile App, take charge of your connected devices easily, whether at home or on the go. Streamline your experience, enhance automation, and stay connected with the convenience of mobile control.

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Devices Tab for Effortless Device Management

Enjoy the simplicity of controlling lights and switches with the Devices (previously Lights/Switches) tab in the Hubitat Mobile App. Whether you're looking to adjust your home environment from the couch or remotely monitor devices, it's all at your fingertips.

Hubitat Dashboard Access for Advanced Control

Unlock advanced control and monitoring with Hubitat Dashboard. Arm or disarm Hubitat Safety Monitor, change modes, control or monitor devices, and more – all from the convenience of your mobile device. Your smart home can adapt to your preferences with just a few taps.


Features That Matter

Transform Your Mobile Device into a Presence Sensor

Define a geofence in the app to enable mobile presence detection based on the location of your mobile device. Experience a personalized smart home that adjusts to your presence, enhancing automation and providing a tailored living experience.

Stay Informed with Push Notifications

Receive timely updates and notifications directly on your mobile device. Stay informed about important events, ensuring you can respond promptly to changes in your home environment. The Hubitat mobile app keeps you connected and in control.

Effortless Family Integration

Keep your household connected and informed by adding family members to the Hubitat mobile app. Enhance mobile presence detection and push notifications, ensuring everyone benefits from a seamlessly interconnected smart home.

Unprecedented Remote Administration

The optional Remote Admin subscription will take your hub management to the next level. Administer your hub from anywhere with Internet access, providing flexibility and convenience. All home automation processing remains local on your hub for maximum speed and reliability.

Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.


Your Hub, Your Control

The Hubitat mobile app is an optional addition to your Hubitat Elevation experience. While it enhances your experience with additional features, it is not a requirement for the basic functionality of the hub. Hub administration can be quickly done using a web browser and any device on your local network.

Elevate Your Smart Living Today!

Experience the convenience and flexibility offered by the Hubitat Elevation mobile app. Whether you're adjusting lights, monitoring your smart home, or receiving important notifications, the app ensures that your intelligent living experience is truly in the palm of your hand.

Get Started Now and elevate your smart home living with the Hubitat Elevation mobile app. Experience control, convenience, and connection like never before!