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Unlocking the Potential of Z-Wave Technology

Welcome to Hubitat, where innovation meets connectivity, and your smart home experience is elevated to new heights. Explore Z-Wave technology, a built-in component our smart home hubs. Discover how Z-Wave devices seamlessly integrate with Hubitat, providing a robust foundation for a connected home ecosystem.

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Why Choose Z-Wave?

At Hubitat, we embrace Z-Wave technology for its reliability, versatility, and compatibility. Z-Wave's ability to easily connect an extensive array of devices, from switches and dimmers to smoke detectors, motion sensors, smart locks, and more allows you to build a smart home with devices personalized for your preferences.

Wireless Mesh Networking and Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave operates on a wireless mesh networking technology, forming a robust network where multiple devices communicate effortlessly. The Z-Wave Plus designation signifies enhanced features, including extended battery life, improved wireless range, and improved overall performance. Despite these improvements, all generations of Z-Wave are backwards compatible.


Features That Matter

Low-Frequency Radio Waves

Z-Wave uses low-frequency, sub-GHz radio waves. This part of the wireless spectrum tends to be less crowded than the 2.4 GHz band used by many other protocols (Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth, and many other devices). Z-Wave is also designed to be low-power. This makes Z-Wave suitable for both mains-powered and battery-powered devices, enhances the sustainability of your smart home, and ensures that devices like water sensors or remotes operate for long periods of time with fewer battery changes.

Z-Wave LR: Extending Wireless Range

Introducing Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR), a cutting-edge advancement in wireless technology. With Z-Wave LR, enjoy an even longer wireless range, enabling communication with all devices, even on large properties. Hubitat's smart home hubs are equipped to support Z-Wave LR, ensuring a truly connected experience.

Support for a Variety of Z-Wave Devices

Hubitat's smart home hubs natively support an extensive range of Z-Wave devices, including switches, dimmers, bulbs, repeaters, relays, plugs, motion sensors, locks, and more. Experience the convenience of a connected home with Hubitat's dedication to Z-Wave compatibility.

Wireless Control and Smart Home Functionality

Enjoy wireless control of all your Z-Wave devices through Hubitat's smart home hub. From managing smart lights and shades to controlling energy meters and garage door controllers, Hubitat brings the power of Z-Wave functionality to your fingertips.

Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.


Experience the Future with Hubitat and Z-Wave

Step into a future where Z-Wave technology converges with Hubitat's commitment to innovation. With a Z-Wave-enabled smart home hub, you have the power to create an intelligent ecosystem, connecting devices seamlessly and effortlessly.

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Experience the future of smart home control with Z-Wave Technology. Unlock a world of possibilities, from creating custom Dashboards to managing devices precisely. Join the Hubitat revolution and take control of your smart home in a way that suits your lifestyle.

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