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Amazon Echo Skill by Hubitat

Welcome to the future of smart living, where Hubitat's innovative smart home hub meets the convenience of the Amazon Echo Skill.

Transform your living space into a hub of intelligence, seamlessly connected through the power of Alexa. Hubitat's Amazon Echo Skill brings a new level of control to your fingertips, making everyday tasks easier and your home more intelligent than ever.

Explore the Boundless Capabilities of Amazon Echo Skill
Hubitat's smart home hub comes equipped with the built-in Amazon Echo Skill app, providing a gateway to a world of possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned smart home user or just starting, Alexa's intuitive voice commands and Hubitat's robust smart home hub create an unparalleled experience.
Unleash the Power of Your Voice
Dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and more with a simple command. Hubitat's integration with Amazon Echo Skill empowers you to take charge of your home with just your voice.
Connect Alexa-Enabled Devices
Control your smart home using Alexa devices, making your home a hub of productivity and entertainment.
Optimized for Alexa App
Hubitat's integration with Alexa extends beyond devices and voice control alone, allowing use of the familiar user-friendly Alexa interface, including Alexa Routines, to control and monitor your smart home experience.
Trouble-Free Integration
Hubitat ensures a trouble-free integration process so you can focus on enjoying the perks of a connected home.
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Setting Up Your Smart Home Has Never Been Easier

Experience the benefits of Hubitat's Amazon Echo Skill without the hassle. Connect your smart devices effortlessly, link your Amazon Alexa account, and witness the transformation of your home into an intelligent haven.

With Alexa's voice-activated skills, control your smart home devices effortlessly.

Manage your smart home through the Alexa app.

Connect, discover, and let your smart home adapt to your needs seamlessly.

Whether you have an Echo Dot, Echo Show, or any other Alexa-enabled device, Hubitat ensures easy integration.

The Heart of Your Smart Home

Hubitat's smart home hub is the beating heart of your connected home. With the Amazon Echo Skill, take full advantage of your smart devices, allowing them to respond intelligently to your voice commands and requests.

Customize Your Smart Home

Hubitat Elevation® Smart Hub
Full Control, Effortlessly
  • Hubitat Dashboard gives you complete control over your smart home devices.
  • Manage everything from adjusting brightness to monitoring device history, all from an intuitive interface.
Advanced Options for a Smarter Home.
Elevate your Dashboard experience with advanced options. Rearrange or resize tiles, adjust font sizes, change text or tile colors, or use custom styles for a unique look.
Seamless Integration with Hubitat Elevation.
Experience a seamless connection between the Hubitat Dashboard and your Hubitat Elevation hub. Maximize the potential of your smart home ecosystem with effortless integration. Hubitat Dashboard is built-in to the hub and easily accessed from the mobile app (or any device with a web browser).
Access Anytime, Anywhere
Whether at home or away, Hubitat Dashboard provides options for either local or remote access, ensuring you're always in control. Monitor and adjust devices, check status, and receive updates on your smart home's performance from anywhere.

Tap into the Future of Smart Living

Hubitat's Lock Code Manager is your key to unlocking the full potential of your smart home. Whether managing codes, assigning names to codes for users, or customizing access privileges, this feature empowers you to take control of your intelligent living experience. Get Started with Hubitat!