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Basic Rules by Hubitat

The flow of the Basic Rules is the easiest way most users approach home automation and is in line with other home automation platforms. It is based on the principle that when something happens, then your devices can take the desired action. Many call this type of model the “if this, then that“ rule engine. Unlike some other solutions, Basic Rule (like everything on Hubitat) runs locally, all on your hub. No cloud, no delays!

The Basic Rules app is designed to make it simple to create automations for anyone just getting started, while still offering features experienced users will find handy. It allows you to create simple automations without needing to delve into complex coding or advanced rule logic.

In essence, a Basic Rule consists of:
A “trigger” event
This is what gets the rule running: time of day; a device event: motion, a door/window opening, a button press, mode changes (day, night, away).
Actions to run when the rule is triggered:
Turn a switch on/off; lock/unlock a door; send a push notification or speak a message. Multiple actions are allowed, including the ability to add delays between actions or wait for another event or specific time before performing the next action.
Optional restrictions that affect whether the actions run:
Only on certain days of the week or between certain times; only if a device is in a specific state (e.g. if a switch is on); only if the hub is in a specific mode (day, night, away, etc.).
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Basic Rule comes pre-loaded with every hub, meaning there’s nothing to install to get started — just go to Apps and select Basic Rule in the list (or use “Add Built-In App” to re-add if you removed it).

Examples of automations you can make using Basic Rule:

When the living room motion sensor becomes active, turn on the living room light.

When the dining room motion sensor becomes active, turn on the dining room light. Then, wait for motion to stay inactive for 5 minutes, then turn off the light.

When the basement leak sensor detects water, send a “Water detected in basement” notification to your phone.

When the front door lock is unlocked, turn on the front porch light. Wait 3 minutes, then turn off. Restrictions: do not “trigger” (turn on) between sunrise and sunset.

When hub mode becomes “Away,” turn off all indoor lights.

While Basic Rule does not offer all the power of Rule Machine, it is still capable of creating many kinds of custom automations. Despite its name, Basic Rule can also handle somewhat complex automations by using options under the “Restrictions'' section in the app.

For example, there is no need to dive into the complexity of Rule Machine if you want to prevent a Basic Rule from triggering between certain times, on certain days of a week, or depending on the status of another device (e.g., whether a switch is on or off). A Basic Rule can also be paused (manually or via a Rule Machine rule) to prevent its actions from running. Resuming the rule will allow its actions to again run.

If you are not sure where to get started automating with Hubitat Elevation, we think Basic Rule is a great starting point!

Basic Rules Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

If you are not sure where to get started automating with Hubitat Elevation, we think Basic Rule is a great starting point!