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Button Controllers by Hubitat

Welcome to the heart of intelligent home automation

Welcome to the world of enhanced control and automation with Hubitat's Button Controller, the go-to solution for harnessing the power of button devices with your smart home hub. Transform how you interact with your smart home – from controlling lighting to changing modes and performing various actions effortlessly.

What is Button Controllers
Buttons, including rotary switches and encoders, are an excellent means to take charge of your smart home. With Hubitat's Button Controller, you can configure any number of buttons to control devices or execute automation sequences. It's the most potent built-in option for creating rules that respond seamlessly to button events.
Similar to Rule Machine
The feature set of Button Controller closely mirrors that of Rule Machine, providing an extensive range of options for configuring button rules. Adapting to Button Controller is a breeze if you're familiar with Rule Machine. The action editor for each button rule shares the same robustness as Rule Machine, ensuring you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.
Define Actions with Ease
Crafting button rules is simple and intuitive. Define the actions you want to run in response to button events without the need for trigger events or required expressions. Each button rule becomes triggered solely by the configured button event, making it a streamlined yet powerful option for smart home enthusiasts.
Support for a Variety of Buttons
Whether you have traditional switches, rotary encoders, or other button devices, Button Controller is compatible with a wide range. Connect your preferred button devices and start configuring them to work seamlessly with your smart home hub.
User-Friendly Configuration
Configuring button rules is a user-friendly process. Connect your button devices, and use the simple interface to assign actions based on button events. It's a straightforward setup that ensures your smart home responds to your commands effortlessly.
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Choose Your Interface: Button Controller or Basic Button Controller

Button Controllers supports various conditions and events, from motion and temperature to time of day and device states. You can specify conditions, link them with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT), and even create nested sub-rules for intricate scenarios.

Button Controllers provides a visual interface for defining rules, allowing you to build complex scenarios easily.

Steps to Success with Button Controller

Connect Compatible Button Devices: Ensure your button devices are connected and recognized by your Hubitat smart home hub.

Visit the Button Controller Application: Access the Button Controller application through your Hubitat interface.

Choose Your Button: Select the button to configure and add it to the list of configured buttons.

Define Actions: Choose from an array of actions to assign to button events. This could range from controlling lights to changing modes and executing custom automation.

Rule Evaluation and Trigger Integration

Rules are continuously evaluated based on events in your Hubitat system. Trigger events, such as someone arriving or leaving, motion detection, or changes in device states, initiate rule evaluations. Rule Machine evaluates conditions and, if true, triggers the specified actions.

The integration of Rules and Triggers in Rule Machine is a powerful feature. It enables you to create sophisticated automation using rule truth as a condition or event. This flexibility allows for dynamic and responsive smart home setups.

Custom Commands and Beyond

Button Controllers takes customization to the next level with Custom Commands. This feature allows you to explore and utilize commands available for various devices, including custom or unsupported ones. You can create, test, and save custom commands, integrating them seamlessly into your rules for unparalleled control.

Button Controllers - Unleashing New Possibilities
In the latest update, Button Controllers removes prior limitations and introduces exciting features:
Repeat Actions and Stop Actions
  • Repeat These Actions: Start repeating actions for true or false, with optional stopping upon truth change.
  • Stop Actions: Halt the actions of another rule or trigger, including delayed actions, repeated actions, and more.
Cloud and Local Endpoints
Use cloud or local endpoints as events in triggers, creating corresponding URLs for external use.
Refined UI Layout
A cleaner, more organized user interface for actions, ensuring clarity in action selection.
Bug Fix
A bug related to hsmStatus triggers has been resolved for improved reliability.

Button Controllers Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

Button Controllers by Hubitat is more than just a rule engine; it's the key to unlocking the full potential of your smart home. With intuitive rule creation, seamless integration of triggers, and the power of custom commands, Rule Machine empowers you to create a home automation ecosystem that adapts to your needs. Upgrade to Rule Machine® Version 2.5 and experience a new level of intelligent automation. Welcome to the future of smart living.