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Ecobee Integration by Hubitat

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The Ecobee integration built into Hubitat Elevation allows you to add your existing Ecobee thermostat to Hubitat Elevation. With this integration, you can view and control your thermostat from both Hubitat and the Ecobee app. You can, of course, still also control the thermostat from the device itself.

What is Hubitat Ecobee Integration
Adding your Ecobee thermostat to Hubitat allows you to harness the additional power offered by the Hubitat hub, creating new automation possibilities while retaining familiar control you may already know.
Adding your Ecobee Thermostat to Hubitat Elevation is simple
Add the Ecobee Integration app on your hub
Login and Select
Follow the prompts to log in and select the devices to add to your hub
Ecobee 3 and later thermostats are compatible
Set Up and Ready
The thermostat must already be set up and registered in Ecobee before adding to your Hubitat hub
The Hubitat Elevation hub supplements rather than replaces your existing Ecobee setup.

Once added to Hubitat, you can use your Ecobee thermostat as part of any automation on your hub in the same way as any other device.

For example, you can use your Ecobee thermostat with the built-in Thermostat Scheduler app on Hubitat to:

Automatically adjust your thermostat using time of day

Automatically adjust your thermostat using hub mode (day, night, away, etc.)

Create an “eco mode” that adjusts the actual setpoints a couple degrees (or whatever you configure) up or down from the regular schedule when activated

If you use Thermostat Scheduler on the hub, we recommend disabling any scheduling you may have already configured directly on Ecobee to avoid one overriding the other unexpectedly.

With Hubitat Elevation’s Ecobee integration, you can make use of events and conditions you may already be using on your hub to automate your thermostat in conjunction with other devices on your hub, and you can create advanced automations offered by Hubitat that the manufacturer app may not offer.

The possibilities do not stop there.
To name a few more, using Rule Machine on Hubitat, you can “trigger” on any event and create logic as advanced as you need to:
Set the thermostat mode
  • Auto, Heat, Cool, OFF, Emergency
  • Whatever modes are supported on your system
Adjust the heating or cooling setpoint
Control the fan (on or auto)
And more!

Ecobee Integration Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

Your Ecobee thermostat can also be viewed or controlled using Easy Dashboard, Hubitat Dashboard, the mobile app, and a variety of other apps or automations — putting it all under a unified interface with your other devices, making for a truly smart and connected home.