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The Groups and Scenes app, built in to Hubitat Elevation, allows you to simplify the simultaneous control of multiple devices. The Groups and Scenes parent app allows creating two different kinds of “child apps” with different but related purposes that both typically involve control of multiple devices at the same time.

A group allows you to select multiple devices (or even just a single device with a different name) to combine into a “group device” that the app will create for you. With a group:
Sending Commands
Sending a command to the group device controls all the devices in the group at the same time.
Types of Commands
Turning on, turning off, setting a color, setting a color temperature, or setting a dimmer or bulb to a specific level are examples of commands you can send
Role of The Hub
By sending a command to the group device, the hub will send the command to all devices in the group for you — making it easier for you to control multiple devices by the same time
Devices can be added to or removed from the group at any time
Whether you added a new device to your system or changed your mind about how you want the group to work, you only need to make the change in the group
Changing devices in the group means any apps that use the group automatically change how they work — no need to change anything in automations that use the group device


A scene allows you to select multiple devices and “capture” (save) their states — such as on/off state, color or color temperature, or dim level for later — to “activate” (sometimes also referred to as restore or recall) at any time.

Using Scenes allows you to specify devices and states in one place, with no need to modify each individual app using the scene

Creating a scene also creates a scene activator device.

The scene activator device can be turned on to activate the scene (restoring the captured states) or turned off to turn off devices in the scene

State can include on/off status, dim level, color, or color temperature, depending on device capabilities

Re-capture a scene or manually modify in the Scenes app to edit the saved/captured states

Any automation/app using the scene activator device will automatically use the new settings whenever the scene activator device is used

The Room Lighting app includes all the functionality of Groups and Scenes plus related functionality similar to Motion Lighting and other typical methods of automating lights and similar devices in your home.

It is a powerful alternative to Groups and Scenes, but some users may find Groups and Scenes easier to configure.

Groups and Scenes is built into your Hubitat Elevation hub and can be accessed from Apps. If it is not already in your list of apps, use Add Built-In App to add it to your list.

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Groups and Scenes Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

Groups and Scenes provide a simple and centralized method to simplify the simultaneous control of multiple devices on Hubitat Elevation at the same time, especially switches, dimmers, bulbs, and other devices typically used for lighting.