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Hubitat Safety Monitor by Hubitat

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Hubitat® Safety Monitor (HSM) is your one-stop solution for managing alerts and keeping your home safe and sound. This innovative feature, integrated into your Hubitat Elevation hub, offers a range of customizable alerts, from intrusion notifications to safety warnings and customer alerts, ensuring you're always aware of what's happening in your home.

What is Hubitat Safety Monitor
Beyond standard alerts, HSM extends its functionality by detecting leaks from Zigbee or Z-Wave leak detectors (or any compatible device!) connected to your Hubitat Elevation hub. Upon detection, you can even set it to automatically shut off your water main using compatible Zigbee or Z-Wave shut-off valves.
Tailored Notifications
Stay informed with notifications that suit your preferences. Whether through push notifications, alarms, flashing lights, text message (third-party service required), or more, HSM empowers you to receive alerts in the most convenient way.
HSM Tile for Quick Access
Easily view and control HSM status using the HSM (Hubitat Safety Monitor) tile on your Hubitat Dashboard. An HSM tile is your hub for managing your home's safety features, allowing you to arm, disarm, and monitor your security settings effortlessly.
Intuitive Controls
You can easily set, change, or check your preferred alerts using the HSM tile interface with simple clicks. No hassle, just straightforward management of your home's safety options.
User-Friendly Interface
Experience hassle-free navigation with user-friendly menus that let you save settings, cancel changes, and explore different options effortlessly.
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Simplified States for Convenience

HSM conveniently offers different “armed states” to suit your needs.

You can use as few or many as needed to suit your needs:

Armed-Away: Activate this mode when you're away from home and want alerts for any specified sensors to be armed.

Armed-Night: Activate at night when you want to arm HSM if you want to select different sensors for night mode.

Armed-Home: Activate when at home but you still want to arm HSM. Like night, you can choose different sensors to monitor while at home (often, night and home modes are used with fewer sensors than away, but configuration is up to you!).

Disarmed: No intrusion alerts.

Ready to Get Started?

Enhance your home safety effortlessly with Hubitat Safety Monitor. Seamlessly integrated into your Hubitat Elevation hub, this built-in app provides comprehensive safety features that adapt to your lifestyle.

Hubitat Elevation® Smart Hub
Full Control, Effortlessly
  • Hubitat Dashboard gives you complete control over your smart home devices.
  • Manage everything from adjusting brightness to monitoring device history, all from an intuitive interface.
Advanced Options for a Smarter Home.
Elevate your Dashboard experience with advanced options. Rearrange or resize tiles, adjust font sizes, change text or tile colors, or use custom styles for a unique look.
Seamless Integration with Hubitat Elevation.
Experience a seamless connection between the Hubitat Dashboard and your Hubitat Elevation hub. Maximize the potential of your smart home ecosystem with effortless integration. Hubitat Dashboard is built-in to the hub and easily accessed from the mobile app (or any device with a web browser).
Access Anytime, Anywhere
Whether at home or away, Hubitat Dashboard provides options for either local or remote access, ensuring you're always in control. Monitor and adjust devices, check status, and receive updates on your smart home's performance from anywhere.

Elevate Your Home's Safety Today

Join the Hubitat community and experience new conveniences and peace of mind. Elevate your home's safety effortlessly with Hubitat Safety Monitor. Get your Hubitat Elevation hub today and take the first step towards a more intelligent, safer home!