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Lutron® Integrator by Hubitat

Welcome to Hubitat, your gateway to a more intelligent home!

With our advanced smart home hub, you can seamlessly integrate and control all your devices, and now, we're excited to introduce the built-in Lutron® Integrator app. Elevate your smart home experience by connecting your Lutron devices effortlessly to your Hubitat Elevation hub.

Getting Started with Lutron Integrator
To initiate the integration process, ensure you have a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select Main Repeater, RA2 Main Repeater, or HomeWorks QS Processor. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect your devices to the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select, RA2 Main Repeater, or HomeWorks QS Processor.
Installing the Lutron Integrator
Navigate to the sidebar of your Hubitat hub and select 'Apps.' Click the 'Add Built-In App' button. Choose 'Lutron Integrator' from the list of Hubitat Elevation Built-In Apps.
Gathering Required Information
Caséta and RA2 Select users: open the Lutron app on your mobile device and access 'Settings.' Tap 'Advanced' and select 'Integration.' Ensure 'Telnet Support' is enabled as Hubitat Elevation relies on the speed and reliability of telnet.
Note down the IP address of your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro.
Note: Telnet Support is exclusive to Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, RA2 Select Main Repeater, RA2 Main Repeater, and HomeWorks QS Systems (does not include the standard Smart Bridge). Tap 'Send Integration Report' to obtain the names and Lutron Integration ID numbers of your attached devices. RA2 and higher-end system users should consult the Hubitat Documentation to learn the required telnet credentials for integration.
Create a New Caséta/RA2 Integration
Open the Lutron Integrator app in Hubitat. Select 'Create New Caseta/RA2 Integration.' Name your integration and enter the IP address of your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro.
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Adding Lutron Devices

Choose between an interactive or configuration list method (either is capable of the same outcome, but you may prefer one or the other depending on the number of devices you have and your comfort with text input).

Visit our integrations page for step-by-step guides and tutorials. Make your smart home even smarter with Hubitat and Lutron Integrator – the perfect combination for a connected, intelligent living space.

Interactive Method:

Name your device, select the type, and enter the Lutron Integration ID for each device.

Configuration List Method:

Use the configuration list method for quicker setup if you have numerous devices.

Lutron Device Types

Specify the Lutron device type when adding it to Hubitat (e.g., keypad, Pico, motion).

Hubitat and Lutron may use different terminology for specific device types, so be sure to choose the correct terminology for Hubitat (e.g., a Pico is not a keypad in Hubitat).

Using Devices

Once devices are added, you can use them in Button Controller, Rule Machine, and other apps.

Hubitat Elevation® Smart Hub
Full Control, Effortlessly
  • Hubitat Dashboard gives you complete control over your smart home devices.
  • Manage everything from adjusting brightness to monitoring device history, all from an intuitive interface.
Advanced Options for a Smarter Home.
Elevate your Dashboard experience with advanced options. Rearrange or resize tiles, adjust font sizes, change text or tile colors, or use custom styles for a unique look.
Seamless Integration with Hubitat Elevation.
Experience a seamless connection between the Hubitat Dashboard and your Hubitat Elevation hub. Maximize the potential of your smart home ecosystem with effortless integration. Hubitat Dashboard is built-in to the hub and easily accessed from the mobile app (or any device with a web browser).
Access Anytime, Anywhere
Whether at home or away, Hubitat Dashboard provides options for either local or remote access, ensuring you're always in control. Monitor and adjust devices, check status, and receive updates on your smart home's performance from anywhere.

Tap into the Future of Smart Living

Hubitat's Lock Code Manager is your key to unlocking the full potential of your smart home. Whether managing codes, assigning names to codes for users, or customizing access privileges, this feature empowers you to take control of your intelligent living experience. Get Started with Hubitat!