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Welcome to a new era of intelligent home automation powered by Hubitat!

Introducing Mode Manager, a revolutionary built-in app designed to enhance the ease of your smart home experience. This powerful tool empowers users to effortlessly configure and automate mode changes,, setting the stage for unparalleled control over their Hubitat Elevation system.

What is Mode Manager
Modes are a fundamental building block for configuring automation in the Hubitat Elevation system. Whether you want to represent time of day, physical presence, or a combination of both, modes empower you to change how your system reacts dynamically. Imagine setting your lights to a warm color temperature and lowering their intensity during the evening hours or adjusting your thermostat automatically based on the time of day or presence. This is the magic of modes.
Installation Steps:
Navigate to the sidebar of your hub and select Apps. Click on Add Built-In App. Choose Mode Manager from the list of Hubitat Elevation Built-In Apps.
Configuring Mode Manager:
Easily configure Mode Manager using an intuitive interface. Fine-tune your settings for a time-based, presence-triggered, button or switch automation.
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Enjoy Reliable Automation
Hubitat Elevation and Mode Manager offer robust and efficient smart home automation. Embrace the future of intelligent living today.
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Mode Manager: Your Simple Automation Solution

Mode Manager is your go-to app for configuring automatic mode changes based on various states and events. Whether it's time-based changes, presence-triggered adjustments, or button or switch interactions, Mode Manager simplifies the process.

How Modes Work:

Represent time of day, physical presence, or a combination.

Automate actions like adjusting lights, thermostats, and more.

Adjust the behavior of many built-in (and custom) apps depending on mode.

Modes integrate seamlessly with popular apps like Rule Machine, Room Lighting, and Thermostat Scheduler, offering endless possibilities to customize your smart home.

Tailor Modes to Your Lifestyle

Modes are not one-size-fits-all. Customize and create your modes in Settings > Modes. The system provides four default modes – Day, Evening, Night, and Away – but feel free to rename or remove these and create unique modes that align with your lifestyle.

Future-Proof Your Smart Home

Whether you use Mode Manager alone or with other apps, its versatility makes it an essential tool for smart home enthusiasts. Enjoy the freedom to automate your home just the way you want it.

Mode Manager - Unleashing New Possibilities
In the latest update, Mode Manager removes prior limitations and introduces exciting features:
Button and Switch Automation
  • Effortlessly switch modes with a push, hold, release, or double-tap on your button device or turning on or off a (real or virtual) switch.
  • Stop Actions: Halt the actions of another rule or trigger, including delayed actions, repeated actions, and more.
Presence-Triggered Changes
Dynamically change modes based on the departure or arrival of presence sensors.
Refined UI Layout
A cleaner, more organized user interface for actions, ensuring clarity in action selection.
Time-Based Changes
Set modes at specific times of the day, sunrise or sunset.

Experience Intelligent Living Today

Unlock the full potential of your Hubitat Elevation system with Mode Manager. Embrace the new era of smart home automation, where your home adapts to your needs seamlessly. Visit our website now to enhance your smart home experience.