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Rule Machine® by Hubitat

Rule Machine is a powerful tool for creating custom automations on your Hubitat Elevation hub. It is built in (nothing to install first), and you only need to add the app and create a rule to get started.

Rule Machine divides rules into up to three parts
Required expression:
Тhe rule will not trigger unless this expression is true.
Trigger events:
Тhe rule actions will run whenever one of the trigger events happens (unless restricted by the required expression or a conditional trigger)
Actions to run:
When the rule triggers, these actions will run. Actions can include tasks like turning a switch on or off, setting window shades to a specific position, locking a door lock, setting a thermostat, locking a door lock – or really any command you can run on a device thanks to the “custom action” feature.
Elevate your home automation with Hubitat.

Rule Machine lets you create rules as simple or complex as you need. For example, you can have a rule that simply turns on a light or switch at sunset (although you may want to look at Basic Rule or another app for simple automations) – a sort of “if this, then that” automation. But unlike some other options, Rule Machine gives you incredible customization over if or how your rule actions run.

Rule Machine provides a visual interface for defining rules, allowing you to build complex scenarios easily.

Besides the features above, Rule Machine advanced features for customizing rules to run exactly how you want:

With conditional actions, specific sets of actions can be configured to run only if a certain expression is true. Unlike a required expression, this does not apply to the entire rule, only to the set of actions it is applied to, allowing precise customization of your rule actions.

Repeats allow you to repeat a set of actions either a certain number of times, until an expression becomes false (e.g., until a door is closed), or until you stop the repeat with another rule or manual intervention.

Delays and waits allow you to wait for a specific amount of time, until a specific time or event, or until an expression becomes true before proceeding with the next action.

Rule Machine can also utilize Hubitat’s built-in hub variables feature, allowing you to store strings (text), numbers, and other data in a way that can be easily shared with other rules or other apps on your hub.

Rule Machine also provides an API that allows for controlling rules from other rules on your hub. For example, you can make one rule trigger another rule, or you can pause or resume one rule from another. Rule Machine also provides a simple HTTP API for doing the same using optional LAN or cloud URLs, offering even more possibilities. The power of Rule Machine on Hubitat Elevation is limited only by your imagination!

Rule Machine®
Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

Rule Machine® by Hubitat is more than just a rule engine; it's the key to unlocking the full potential of your smart home. With intuitive rule creation, seamless integration of triggers, and the power of custom commands, Rule Machine empowers you to create a home automation ecosystem that adapts to your needs. Upgrade to Rule Machine® Version 2.5 and experience a new level of intelligent automation. Welcome to the future of smart living.