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The Hubitat Elevation Hub Now Integrates with Matter

January 11, 2024

Users can now integrate Matter devices into their Hubitat Elevation smart home.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Hubitat today announced support for Matter devices with the release of platform update 2.3.7. This addition marks a significant advancement in compatibility with both existing devices and a growing number of devices expected in the future that support Matter, an emerging smart home standard that offers local control and promises improved interoperability.

With this update, Hubitat Elevation users can now connect and control Matter devices from their hub. Combined with the longstanding ability to integrate Zigbee, Z-Wave, and other devices, this update further enhances the strength of Hubitat Elevation as a powerful tool to allow devices of different types to work together in automations ranging from simple to complex, regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

"We are excited to launch Matter support today, opening more possibilities for device compatibility and automation to our users," said Stefan Dyulgerov, VP of Marketing at Hubitat. "This update underscores our commitment to interoperable local device control, and we look forward to seeing how Matter evolves going forward."

Platform update 2.3.7 is available now for all current hub owners. Matter support is available on hub model C-8 only. Hubitat Elevation hub model C-8 is available at

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