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Popular home automation app moves from SmartThings to Hubitat

December 22, 2022

webCoRE users will no longer be left in the dark when SmartThings removes app at end of year.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–Hubitat Inc. and webCoRE have teamed up to officially bring webCoRE to the Hubitat Elevation home automation platform. With webCoRE leaving the SmartThings platform on December 31, 2022, this collaboration is welcome news to the thousands of home automation enthusiasts who rely on webCoRE to automate their home. 

Born as CoRE in 2016, the app was a community effort to build a smart home rule engine on the SmartThings platform that filled the void left behind by Rule Machine. A year later, Adrian Caramaliu, the principal developer of CoRE, added a web interface to the original app maximizing the power of its rules engine.

While webCoRE was never allowed to take advantage of the local processing on the SmartThings platform, members of the Hubitat community took matters into their own hands and adapted its code to execute locally on the Hubitat Elevation hub. 

With today’s announcement, webCoRE will, for the first time, officially be hosted by Hubitat. Hubitat engineers, in collaboration with Caramaliu and community developers, will work to bring webCoRE to thousands of users, free of ads. 

“This is the best thing that could happen to an app that required years of hard work with input from many members of the smart home community around the world,” said Bobby Dobrescu, Director of Support Services at Hubitat, Inc.

The official webCoRE integration will be available soon in the next Hubitat Elevation platform update. In the meantime, Hubitat Elevation users can experience the community version of webCoRE found on the Hubitat Online Community.

The Hubitat Elevation home automation hub is available for $99.95 at

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